School Strategies and Solutions
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Consulting Resources for School Leaders

School Strategies and Solutions is an independent school management consulting group that advises, guides and provides resources for school leaders with experienced, energetic, and personalized advisory services. We commit to delivering objective and client-focused analyses, assessments, strategies and solutions in helping schools achieve their visions.

We believe that an independent school gains from experienced and effective consulting support that can assist leaders in:
  • Upgrading the school's governance culture
  • Recruiting administrative leadership that matches the school’s mission and projected needs
  • Facilitating and stimulating strategic thinking and planning
  • Clarifying the vision and securing critical resources
  • Analyzing key indicators of school well being
While many schools have rebounded from the enrollment/right-sizing nadir following the 2008 economic downturn, many challenges remain for independent school leaders. Fully restoring enrollment, attaining financial sustainability and regaining advancement momentum requires, above all, a highly focused and effective board of trustees, and administrative leadership with vision, on-target insights, realistic strategies and staff accountability.

Contact School Strategies and Solutions to request a formal proposal for services based on the scope of consulting work your school requires to move forward with confidence.
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