School Strategies and Solutions advises, leads and provides value-adding resources and insights for independent school leaders. We offer a talented, engaged and experienced team that offers energetic, and customized management and governance consulting services. We deliver client-focused strategy recommendations; objective analyses; self-reflective data; and customized solutions in helping schools achieve their strategic goals.

Independent schools build and sustain momentum with effective consulting support that assists trustees and leadership in:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of the board of trustees
  • Placing administrative leaders who align with the school’s mission, objectives, and challenges, both current and projected
  • Facilitating and stimulating strategic thinking and planning, especially in developing a sustainable financial model
  • Clarifying the school’s future vision and securing critical funding resources
  • Analyzing and managing key indicators in school operations

Challenges remain for many independent school leaders even as the economy has recovered substantially from the downturn in 2008-09. Recent enrollment gains have ironically yielded decreased net tuition revenues when a legacy of over-committed financial aid obstructs the attainment of a sustainable financial model. Achieving proper balance in key indicators requires, above all, a highly focused and effective board of trustees, and administrative leadership with vision, on-target insights, realistic strategies and staff accountability. 

That is where we come in!  From our highly-rated trustee seminars to the many complimentary comments about our deeply personalized and successful leadership placement results, to our spot-on analyses of inefficient operational practices, our client references consistently report their satisfaction with the value added insights we deliver to their schools.

Contact School Strategies and Solutions to request a formal proposal for services based on the scope of consulting work your school requires to plan the way forward with confidence.