Annual Giving, Funding Feasibility, Capital Campaign, Volunteer Organization and Training

Independent schools are challenged to advance without the ability to generate non-tuition philanthropic support from constituents and friends. Annual Giving contributions typically complement tuition and special event revenue and “close the gap” between tuition charged and actual per-student operating expenses. Capital Campaign revenue provides the resources for funding strategic plan goals for new facilities and renovations, and for endowment to fund incremental facility operating costs or for the endowment. 

Fundraising fuels the vision, in other words. All non-profit organizations must be able to rely on sufficient gift income to meet their stated missions. 

Boards of trustees bear the primary responsibility to see that adequate funding is secured to move the school forward and are expected to lead all fundraising programs with their individual support while connecting the fundraising team of staff and volunteers with other potential sources of leadership gifts. 

The School Strategies and Solutions consulting team offers schools the experience, insights and structure to organize and execute successful fundraising programs. Whether to conduct a feasibility study, enhance the annual fund, or develop a capital campaign strategy that will achieve objectives, a school will find our fundraising counsel invaluable in helping to advance the mission and work toward the planning vision.

Pine Lake Preparatory School , Mooresville, NC

Pine Lake Preparatory School, Mooresville, NC

As Chair of Pine Lake Preparatory’s Capital Campaign I have had the pleasure of working with School Strategies and Solutions for over a year. It is fair to say that without their assistance we would not have been able to get our effort off the ground. As a three-year-old school with no history of fundraising we literally had to build FROM SCRATCH the infrastructure to support a capital campaign.

Consultant Ted Lingenheld provided a proven campaign blueprint that was easy to execute and more importantly, one that worked. He also provided invaluable feedback throughout our journey including specific practical advice regarding all the structural elements we needed to build to support our ongoing fundraising efforts. His independent school background and experience led to numerous insights into the leadership challenges we have faced while trying to build a culture of philanthropy within the school community.
— KEVIN SHANNON, Chair Capital Campaign Steering Committee, Pine Lake Preparatory School, Mooresville, NC