Leadership Development for Independent Schools

Board of Trustees Development – Orientation Workshops, Planning Retreats, Strategic Board Composition; Board Self-Evaluation Surveys and Workshops

The leadership of a school begins at the board level. There are no outstanding schools without outstanding boards; whereas the schools most in need of guidance normally lack effective board leadership. 

We emphasize orienting and developing the governance board with a goal to expand trustees’ awareness of, and capability in:

  • Understanding and fulfilling their roles and responsibilities, and following best practices
  • The importance of building and maintaining a strategically composed board with a clear sense of direction
  • The essential need for trustee leadership in planning and fundraising
  • Supporting and evaluating the head of school
  • The enduring value of having each board chair deliver to his/her successor a properly oriented, well-organized and sustainable governance culture.

An informed, confident and engaged board is critical to the success of the school, and that is our primary consulting focus.

Saint Edward’s School,  Vero Beach, FL

Saint Edward’s School, Vero Beach, FL

“When I was looking for guidance for my Board of Trustees as I began my tenure at Saint Edward’s School, I did my due diligence in finding a consultant who would understand the complexities of our School, would study our Strategic Plan in terms of the stated direction of the community.

Ted Lingenheld’s guidance and support this past year with our Board of Trustees and with me helped launch a path of accountability and professionalism for our Board, our mission and for our Strategic Plan that marked a year of unprecedented accomplishment at the School, and we are indeed grateful to him for all that he has done for Saint Edward’s School.”
— MIKE MERSKY, Head of School, Saint Edward’s School, Vero Beach, FL