Independent School Leadership Searches

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Image: (top) Fredericka Academy, St. Simon’s Island, GA

Saint Paul's School,  Clearwater, FL

Saint Paul's School, Clearwater, FL

We learned of School Strategies and Solutions through networking. Both Consultants were very responsive and empathetic regarding the Board’s challenge. From the first contact, we sensed a more tailored approach to client needs than we had experienced with most other firms we considered. As they prepared their proposal it became clear that not only could they guide our efforts to conclude a successful search, their assistance would also be valuable as we sought to define and address the school’s strengths and weaknesses. We engaged School Strategies and Solutions both for the Head of School search and to do a review of the school’s administrative structure and team so that the Board could be better equipped to hire the Head. We chose their team for a variety of reasons, including their enthusiasm for our mission and school, their understanding of the challenges facing the Board and administration, their reasonable fees, and their expertise and willingness to provide additional consulting services where needed.

We highly recommend them to other independent schools who are seeking a partner who will be honest, genuine and truly care about the future of the school.
— HEATHER KELLER, Search Committee Chair and Board Vice-Chair, Saint Paul's School, Clearwater, FL