Intensive Strategic Thinking Workshops and Broad Constituency Facilitations

Will Rogers mused, “A vision without a plan is just a dream.” 

There is no one “best” method to creating a plan to map the path forward. The school’s culture will factor into the decision of whether to involve a broad cross-section of the school community or to centralize planning among board and administrative leaders. School Strategies and Solutions will adapt our facilitative approach to the mission and culture of the school. 

The plan links the current state of the school to the ultimate vision for the school. It creates a blueprint, timeline, assigned responsibilities and charges school leaders to identify needed resources and be accountable for implementing plan goals. A model board of trustees will focus its energy and time on strategic objectives and operate at a sufficient “altitude” to monitor progress and secure the resources needed for implementation. 

Planning forces school leaders to assess the school as it exists at a moment in time, and then identify and prioritize future goals and objectives to which the school should aspire and commit if it is to advance.

Christ Church Kindergarten and Pre-School,  Charlotte, NC

Christ Church Kindergarten and Pre-School, Charlotte, NC

School Strategies and Solutions is outstanding! Their lead consultant Ted Lingenheld led the Christ Church Kindergarten Board in creating a clear-cut and manageable strategic plan that made us feel confident we were on the right course for our school. In only one year’s time we have made great progress on two of our major goals: We are already experiencing a higher enrollment and see substantially improved communication among our parents, teachers, church family and community.

With the knowledge we’ve gained and from the relationship we have formed with School Strategies and Solutions, the Christ Church Kindergarten Board is excited about the future!
— MRS. BEELAND VOELLINGER, Former Board Chair, Christ Church Kindergarten and Pre-School Charlotte, NC